October 13, 2009

the coolest stuffs of this week

Look what i found while was browsing these days. If u know where's the place to buy these things, directly TELL ME! (please) Ha3...The watch is

....Jak, u have to control urself...Loll :D


  1. I like the bag and the watch... btw, i don't understand how the watch works. I mean how do i know that it says 12.30?

  2. love those cool ties, jak. you wearing them? =)

  3. Gak dong lho aku Jak....
    Yaapa itu cara liat jam.e?
    Wes tak liati suwe, tetep ga ngerti.
    Apik2an doank ya?

  4. yes!!! the watch is super cool, though u don't get how to see the minutes... :D
    the bag is great and it reminds me to Prince Tenis Style..

    and the polaroid.. it was just old school nice gear!

    i think the one u can easily hunt right now is the tie!

  5. >Ce Deb - I dont know either but i dont care coz the watch is super cool! that's enough ha3...

    >Jenie - Yeah, i'm wearing ONLY in the special occation, i love wearing tie =)

    >Feb - Aku ya gak dong, tapi mestinya ada keterangannya lah gimana cara liat jam-nya

    >Valen - There must be a clue to see the minutes Len...And yes! the bag is like Prince Of Tennis style, that's why i love it=)

  6. I'd love to have the Polaroid! I still got my old Polaroid here, the boxy-looking black classic one. I have no idea where to get films for it. I'm not sure where to buy it here in the Philippines or if we really have it. Last time I bought was in college when I was visiting relatives in the US.

    The watch is funky! I like it even if I'm not a watch-person. It looks complicated though. I wouldn't know how to tell the time from the watch. LOL.

  7. >Russ - That's great!! it's too bad that the film is hard to find but i think because now this stuff is become a trend it suppose to be easy to find...All the people said the same thing about the watch (lol). But it's too bad... u know Russ, the watch is sold out T__T

  8. I'd be happy if Polaroid becomes an "in" thing again. It means that they'd produce more of the films. Polaroid cams must have experienced some sort of death because of the popularity of digital cameras. Boo!


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