August 26, 2009

yes, we cry...

A man cry...
when he has strength
but he knows it has never been enough

A man cry...
when he has pride
but he knows it is worthless

A man cry...
when he has a dream
but he knows he will never reach it

A man cry...
when he has love
but he knows he has to let it go

A man cry...
when he has everything
but he knows it will turn to nothing

If you think a man never cry,
please...think again.

August, 25th 2009
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  1. basically i always think that cry, is the right (or gift) for human being to express themselves. But somehow, 'cry' becomes different while we talk about gender, or we say culture effect. It's a bad stereotype huh, while people thought man doesn't have a right to cry? Go crying man, woman, for your good reason.

    Viva crying! :p

  2. mmmm... i think it's our culture that says men may not cry. but, cry is an expression of sadness, anger, hopelessness, and even surrender. so , i think it's okay for men to cry to release their emotional burdens.

  3. i luv ur recent post, the last three..Keep writin' my Man!!

    "Everything means nothing, if i ain't got YOU..Thx 4 loving me, Lord.."

  4. waaww... such a meaningful poem, jak :) curahan hati yee. hehe.

  5. A man never runs away..
    A man never hides away..
    In order to survive..

  6. >All - this writing is about a desperation cry..i wrote it when i was going to bed in the middle of a night...Febe said that i was on mellow mood when i wrote that, but i dont felt it that way...Yeah...don't know, maybe she's right hahahaa...

  7. ckckckck...sedihnya jak..tapi bagus koq, buat juga jika pria tertawa..kayaknya pasti alasanya banyak banget kapan cowok mexti ketawa hahahaha.....


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