August 27, 2009

My Fourth Nephew

Now, i'm an uncle of four nephews!! Wow!! I can't even imagine that few years ago hahahaa...this is my fourth nephew, first son from my old brother and his wife (ya iya lah...). His name is Kenzo Keenan Khosuma (Triple K). I just received this photo a couple of days ago. My brother and his family live in Maluku Island (far away from my town).

I like this photo so much, like a mirror of warm and happy family, isn't it?


  1. wuah...k3 is so chubby (^^)
    i miss my nephew hixz..

    u're right, it's a warm family (^^)

  2. I was relieved to read that he's your brother's baby. I thought Kenzo is a cute addition to the triplets.

    Gilaaaa.... It'll drive the mommy crazy to have 4 babys at a time.

    Thank God I'm mistaken.

  3. Wow, I agree, it's a very beautiful photo. Your nephew is truly a blessing from God, really cute. :)

  4. >Nani - Thanks, Nan =)

    >Ce Deb - K3? cool!!Ok, i'll tell him,"Hey Billy...ur aunty miss u..." lol

    >Febe - yes, thank God u are mistaken lol...My sister will be more stressful if u r right =)

    >Sashindoubutsu - Hey...thank u so much =) btw, i can't find ur snappingpanda blog...the link is broken i think. Btw, thanks for visiting thousand sunny =)

  5. wa.... cute cute... all boys ya.... kids around you.. hehehe..... congrats ya ko allen!!!!! (sampein donk vin ke kokomu.. sebagai sesama greenholic harus saling mendukung! lho?) heheehehe

  6. >Iya...all boys...waiting for the girl now =). Siiip!! pasti kusampein ke koko-ku...

  7. Aww,isn't he the cutest little thing in the world..congrats jak..

    ps: I love the name..

    pps: did i hear triplets?? wow, i was about to say 'that must be fun', but then i think about how many diapers that will be, so I think I will just say "congrats" {again} ;)

  8. >Oliv - the ps&pps stuff make me laugh...thank u for the congratulation =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^