August 13, 2009

charity can be fun

To make a campaign or advertisement that can steal everyone's eyes is not easy. And it's more difficult if it's a charity campaign. Most of people prefer to do something that can give benefit for them. That's the hard challenge for social organization to form an awareness around us. But, with creativity, it can be solved. I found this brilliant WWF campaign that can attract people to do something or at least to make an awareness for loving earth more. These images in the campaign have a strong meaning and it speaks beyond words. Here's my fave WWF campaign, enjoy :)And this is my fave campaign of all. This "Tarzan" campaign is so hilarious lolFind the other creative advertisement campaign in here


  1. jak, i like the melted earth on an ice cream cone. makes me hungry ;(

    as for tarzan...look out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Creative ads campaign indeed. Cool concept!
    I personally like the golf and waste river ^^

  3. i like ice cream n tarzan ♥ ^^~ hihihi....


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^