August 11, 2009


I have a friend who loves quote very mush. Recently she had a brilliant idea to make a blog about numerous amazing quotes, named 'bluquote'. And because she is a graphic designer too, she completed this amazing quotes with an amazing illustration images too. And it works!! Many people around the world, including me, are blessed and amazed with this blog. Now, i'm a big fan of 'bluquote'. She has a commitment to update 'bluquote' with new quotes every day and it's like an appetizer for my life in the morning. Febe said as the pure draught for the soul. I recommend all of you to go there and feel the sensation (lol). Here's some of my fave quotes from bluquote.

And this is my MOST fave 'bluquote' EVER...
Finally, i want to give a credit for Aileen for making this amazing blog. What a great job you've done, my friend. Keep on moving to reach your dream...

Exited? go here


  1. tengkiu so much jak..:)
    Im speechless and surprised reading this....
    thank u so much for supporting ya :')
    it means a lot!

    the credit should not go to me alone..
    to the owner of the pic n quote too :) the future...
    im trying to slowly using my own image..
    as i want to practice my photography amateur skill too..
    (dan spy ga merasa bersala ma org2 yg gmbarnya tapake paksa :p)
    but i guess..not now..after im settled in hkg maybe..

    thank u for commenting in bq..:)
    will catch up with it later.. so many deadline's been waiting for me this week..

  2. Double endorsing "Bluquote".
    It's trully wonderful.

  3. >Aileen - you're welcome Leen..I'm super glad posted this and you deserve that. And u will be a great photographer too, can't wait to see it :)

    >Febe - agree!! Who's wanna give the next endorsing?


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^