July 24, 2009

PREVIEW: 2010BIGmovies

2009 is not over yet but some of Hollywood movie studios have promoted their next year project movies. Here are the official posters of 2010 movies to please your curiosity.
This is my most 2010 anticipated movie.
The legend of Aang comes to live!
And the most important, it is directed by
M Night Shyamalan (One of my fave director)

I've watched the trailer this morning.
There's a similarity with I am Legend.
It's always interesting to see Denzel's acting.

Prince Of Persia! The video game is
so popular. Can the movie do the same?
Let see what will happen?

Again, Martin Scorsese with his golden boy,
Leo DiCaprio.
This is the movie that must be
an 'A Class Movie'
. The poster is great too.

There's also Tim Burton's Alice In The Wonderland too. But I have posted all the posters in my previous post. In this post, you will watch the amazing trailer of Alice. Click here.
While waiting the 2010 movies, don't forget that we still have five months left. And of course there are cool movies to come. My most anticipated 2009 movie, HP: half blood prince, was not impress me much. But like i said, 2009 is not over yet. Can Sherlock, Astro or GI Joe save my 2009 movie season?


  1. ahhhh...this is a really great newss...I LOVE AANGG ^^~
    wa..cant wait for the movie! cek lama e br taon depan :(

  2. Hahahaa...iya, sabar Leen.

    Tapi ati-ati kayak pengalamanku barusan nunggu2 Half Blood Prince trus liat trailernya jadi heboh2 sendiri n berharap terlalu banyak akhirnya waktu nonton jadi biasa...

  3. wah terima kasih info singkatnya ko...sepertinya akan sangat menarik nanti...hehehehe

  4. sama2 Christo :)

    Yup, moga2 film2nya sama menariknya sama poster n trailernya.

  5. Jak... U're leaving out chick-flicks sections... Lol. Where's the update on them?

  6. >Febe - Ehmmm...how about Ugly Truth? it will be released soon...and yesterday i saw Confession Of Shopaholic is available in the disc rental...


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^