July 23, 2009

creativity sanctuary

where the creativity does come from

I often admires cool designs when i'm browsing from one site to another and i always shout (inside my heart) "Cool! Great!! Awesome!!! How can they did that..how can they had such a great idea?" Yes, there are many great graphic designers or artists, who make great pieces of art, in this world. I realize that there must be a place where they designed this cool stuffs. The answer is in their room...their studio, or their sanctuary. Here are some of artist's sanctuaries where the magic happens.
room of lycanstrife

room of designani

room of S. britt

I wish i can get one and for sure, someday i will make mine. And when the time comes, i will post the photo in here =)


  1. wahhh.. memang mengintip ruang kerja para artist selalu menyenangkan.. ada karakter tertentu yang tertinggal.. hehehe... bit of messy and artsy. btw, yang design nani itu temen mu ya.. dr kapan hari aku sukak pol sama kamar e...kerennn.... yang foto paling atas di postinganmu ini terlalu rapi menurutku u/ ukuran kamar artist. hahahahaa

  2. thankkksss jak....

    big hug for u

  3. >Valen - Iya, designani itu temenku...mampiro ke blognya n u will "WOW". Foto paling atas itu cuma untuk kasi pandangan lain aja kalo kamar artist itu ga harus selalu berantakan.

    >Nani - Aku yang thankss Nan...udah boleh ambil fotomu =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^