November 24, 2008

10 Things About JAK

First thing you should know about me is: why do most of my friends call me jak? JAK is an initial of my name. It stands Johan Alvin Khosuma. My friends gave me that nickname when I was on my second grade at junior high school. It is little bit strange coz when I meet new friends, I always introduce my self as Alvin (never mention “jak” at all) but when I meet them again in the other time, they will call me jak (strange huh?)
Born at Surabaya 23 years ago but spent my childhood at Maluku Island, specifically Galela Village. I lived there for seven years and when I was a child there, I was a “bocah petualang”. Beach and forest was my playground. I set up trap at the beach, stole “kedondong” with my gank, climbing trees in the forest, etc. What a childhood I had, right?
Nasi goreng is my most favorite food. Wherever the restaurant is, jak always asks for “nasi goreng!” I remembered my friend had ever complained to me because wherever we went, I always ordered nasi goreng. Right now I was crazy about nasi goreng jawa.
Desperately loves football very much. I am a tifosi of Juventus and it’s legendary captain, Alessandro Del Piero. I am crazy about Italian Football. I’m not only watching but also playing football (futsal) with my friends. In football, my position is a right forward. I used to have a deadly right food canon ball which when I was on high school, I often scored many goals with it (hahahahaaa…little arrogance but it is true). But, now the shoot is disappear coz I’m too busy (or lazy?) too playing football consistently. Now, I loose my old touch in football but I’m still playing sometimes while hoping my old touch in football comes back.
I read and write (ya iya lah…) I mean I love read manga since I was on elementary school and ONE PIECE is the best ever manga in the world (no doubt) that I have ever read in my whole life. Beside reading manga, I am writing too. Now days, I am writing my own literature in my blog ( and I am very happy when my friends give me a feedback about my writing. It’s raising my spirit to learn more. Learn to write a beautiful writing that can inspire people’s life. So, thank you friends :)
In fashion, I like something not formal. Casual, little bit Rock and Roll, vintage, retro and simple are my fashion style. I do put a big attention for my fashion appearance because I like to see people who have a good taste of fashion. You can’t be a handsome or pretty person but if you success to find your own fashion style, you’ll be looked awesome.
I am a movie freak! I have watched so many movies and still watching movies that I’ve never watched before. Now, I have a forum blog to discuss movies. Because of it, I have a dream to be a movie director so that I can make my own movie. That was my dream and right now, I am still struggling to fulfill my dream so pray for me my friends :)
My life is blessed with many best friends and they spread in many ganks hahahaa… So, I am a member of Childhood Gank, High School Gank, Gank Keren (College Gank), Gung Ho Gank, Image Media Gank, and finally but not least Cell Group Gank. I love them very much. They are my precious treasure and I will keep our friendship with all my life. I hope that all of us can be a best friend until we become grand parents even until we live forever in the Kingdom of Heaven (Amien!). I can mention their names one by one but I am too lazy to do that hahahahaaa…But, if you are my best fried, you must know lah :)
I lost my father when I was 10 years old. Such a huge storm in my life but I can get through from it because the rest of my family love me very much. I am a family man. I love every member of my family very much (I have a identical triplet nephews and they are soooooo funnyyy). Now, I am waiting for my new nephew which will be born by next year. Even I don’t like kids but my nephews is a “pengecualian” (I don’t know the English hahahaaa)
And the FIRST thing about my life is I am belong to Jesus Christ. He saved me with His crucify in the cross and I do believe and live with Him as my Savior. I’m nothing without His grace. I was not fear about my future anymore because He will never leave me. Now, I live my life with a purpose from Him. I live to be a salt and lights for all the people so that from my life, people can see His grace. I can’t do that by own strength (coz I am not perfect) but I will do my best…with Him…and for Him…


  1. Nih...len...akhirnya pe-er dari kamu SELESAI!! setelah ketunda hampir tiga minggu nggak ngepost2...

    Btw, friends..this post is a task from my blogger's friend and i must forward it to my other blogger's friend. So, the lucky number one are Aristian ( and Colleen ( Congratulation hahahahaaa....

    Oya, kalo buat post ini kalian harus copy paste aturan ini supaya bisa kalian forward ke temen blogger yang lain. Here is the rule:

    1. Each blogger must post these rules
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    4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.

    Ok? So, Happy Writing To Aristian and Colleen ^^

  2. wah wah... sip!!!!!!!!!
    akhirnya diselesaiin juga...
    padahal takpikir kamu g suka posting model gini2... mesti yg model maha karya gt...
    tapi gpp sih... di tanganmu, model 'iseng2' gini juga jadi asik... ada alur klimaksnya gt.

    pengecualian itu exception vin...
    ada yo inggris e.. hehehe

    sip sip!!!!
    keren keren...
    blessed with your facts!
    it's still salting and lighting the others... (lha ini ada gak yo inggrise.. menggarami dan menerangi... )

    p.s. licikannn.. apa2an itu....fotonya kerennnn
    mosok ada tulisane gt di lantai-e....

  3. oy... private photonya kok serem gt
    sing 'pray until something hapenned'
    kayak 'L'nya death note gt...
    mata e serasa mau keluar

  4. hahahahaaa....thank you...

    Iya yo setelah takliat2 mata sebelah kananku kayak mau kluar padahal itu aku lagi merem lho...

  5. :D wah... 10 things about JAK. xixixixi... bagian 'pengecualian' lucu. Setuju ma Valen... ada bhs inggrise yo... 'exception' xixixixi.... It blessed me much... Go for it...!

  6. hi jak,
    Just notice ur comment bout the task, it has been quite sometimes since i posted my last writting.

    hehehehe... need time to work on this challange :P might not be as good as yours, but i'll try my best... ^_^

  7. hmm..

    i like your "10 things about Jak"!!!

    kreatif ko, idemu menggabungkan foto dan posting'e..


    sebenere alesane aku seneng postingmu yg iki gara2 gayane aku banget..


    padahal fotone sama2 lo..

    mbok ya aku dibikino seven thing about song!!


    tapi sungguan apik kok..

    tapi yo iku..

    mbok ya tanya orang sek..
    ta liak kamus inggrise 'pengecualian' ya to...
    iki bermaksud ngelucu di tengah posting ta gak??hayo..
    pasti ga ngaku


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^