October 4, 2008

a poetry for my sweet old friend

i will never taste the sweetness of a grape until I eat it

i will never know the beauty of a rainbow until I see it

in my whole life, I assumed too much

i live with my hollow arrogance

without realized that I’ve been published my own fool

ten years is not as long as it is

because time is a mystery

can’t be touched and can’t be predicted

time flows just the way it is

without any assumption, without any prejudice

in the past, I thought so much and did nothing

but from now on, I just want to taste it’s sweetness

and I just want to enjoy it’s beauty

i don’t want to be poisoned by my assumption and my prejudice

with my deadly right foot, I’ve kicked both of it to the SHREK’s world

it is a fact that time can’t be touched

but remember, time can’t be predicted too

i don’t know what will happen with my life in the future

but, I know that I always live in His lightning way

i can’t stop saying thank you to Him for that moment

the moment when I met and re-met with this sweet old friend

even we lost our contact for ten years but it’s just only a glimpse of second

it’s only a part of the time mystery

like a twisted thriller movie, we don’t know how is the ending

let's hope that it will be a happy ending


-october, 2nd 2008-


  1. where is me?hahaha foto jaman jadul! thanks for the poetry ya! :)

  2. wah akhirnya buat puisi jg... fotonya membawa kenangan tuh...

  3. itu foto SD kelas berapa? old photo always brings back memory...jd inget2 dulud SD..hehe

  4. Kelas 6, Len...iya si, old photo itu emang penting, makanya jangan sampe ilang...

  5. JAK km yg tinggi dw d tengah itu ya.... hahahahahahahaha lucu... cute2 smua mukanya masi polos2... dibanding sekarang..... mm.... hehe =p

  6. menggambarkan betapa tuanya kita sekarang, harus hidup serius dan mikir masa depan.. hehe.. anyway it's a bless from God!

  7. wah... Jak, kalo kaya' gini kudu masuk warta kita dunk. seep dah... new writer, ntar ta' rekomendasikan buat div komunikasi... wkwkwkwkwkwk... tunggu jadwal selanjutnya ya... wkwkwkwkwk.... ^^

  8. hmmm dedicated to old friends ya...
    asik tuh... ayo.. undang2 temen2 sdmu itu buat ngeliat puisi n potonya... hehehehe

    btw... masuklah ke blogku... ada tugas untuk dirimu.. (sebagai sesama blogger)hihihihi

    emang g sesuai sm style postingan mu... (yg selalu serius)
    tp sapa tau km juga ntar mau meng-hibahkan untuk orang lain...


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^