September 9, 2008

my promise to "D"


suddenly, "D" appeared
not invited
not expected
"D" just appeared mysteriously, like a stranger

my life was like an empty book
"D"appeared and started to write on the empty page
then, i thought i had a new hope
i thought i had a bright future

i was amazed by the attraction of "D"
i saw it...enjoyed it...loved it...obsessed by it...
i put all my hope in "D"
in "D", i trust


suddenly, "D" disappeared...
without my permission, without said goodbye
"D" disappeared like a thief in the midnight
stolen my hope and belief in the painful way

i didn't know what to do
i worried about my future
my passion was drown in the deepest sea
then, i remembered something

i just realized that i hadn't read the "D's writing"
then, i read it...
the writing said a promise
a holy promise, made by "D" only for me

"D" will always waiting for me
no matter how long i will arrive in "D's" place
i relieved "D" never leaved me
"D" is always waiting for me

then, i wrote my promise to "D"
i promised...
"...just wait for me, my "D"REAM
someday, i will pick you..."

no matter how hard it will be
no matter how many failure i have
i will not retreat
because you and i had made a promise


-september, 10th 2008-


  1. Hi!
    The poem you wrote is nice, but who is this D???, and the scenery was quite good.


  2. D is the DREAM DREAM actually...btw, thank you for reading my blog...hope you can enjoy my posts...

  3. heiii.. still, cool!!! anyway, tell me your "D" please...

  4. wow... di poem nya ini udah ada unsur misterius nya... poin yang penting supaya membuat penonton filmmu "keep seated"... way to go JAK!

    btw... aku suka lagu ini juga :D

    On the day that you were born
    The angels got together
    And decided to create a "D" come true

  5. Hi, Jak...

    Such a nice poem u have written... Well done, bro!!! Hehehe... Really like it. Never thought that u're a good writer too and of course a good director also... Cool!!! Keep up the good work, bro!!! I'm ur no.1 fans right now. Hahaha.... GBU ^^


    Al-V-ana a.k.a Aan

  6. you go ‘D’!
    in the name of ‘J’!
    (on September 14, 2008 8:01 am)

  7. congrat jak 4 launc blog,,,hmmm,,sukses dey,,smoga impian km jd kenyataan,,amien,,btw mana mkan2 nya bwt CS1 nya,,,hmm,,,krmn di klaksonin smua org ya gr2 pas lampu merah mtr nya mati,,,,,
    sukses sllu ya best my fren,,,

  8. klip

    jak.. ni da ta buka n kasi comen.. haruse diganti "F" ae, lebih keren rasae..hehe.. blognya cuma tiga ya.. kok semuae bilang blogmu keren(??)

    dunt let anyone steal ur "D"..^^

    klip klap

    koreksi ga ada namae..hehe

  9. We all have our time machines
    Some take us back, they're called memories
    Some take us forward, they're called 'D'reams :)

    Still remember the King Louis Drama you direct..hihi..
    have to admit..
    you are soo talented in creating stories..

    Whatever your dream is..
    i know if it is can make it comes true!

  10. Don't Let ur "D" go... ^^

    hi jak, gue suka banget baca post loe yang ini ^^

  11. Ko..
    if one day my "D" to become a singer came true, you must write me the lyric for all of my songs!!
    not all..
    save one song for me..
    so we can collaborated just like Jay and Vincent Fang..^^


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^