September 24, 2010

just happened!

Yeah..what i tell you here is just happened. After i finished my lunch when break-time, i decided to walk outside the office to find some fresh air. It's gloomy so it was a perfect time to walk outside. Unlike before, i decided to walk farther. It was nice guys, coz there are so many vintage buildings nearer my office and each of them has a history value. The weather was magnificent too. Different with you ride a vehicle, when you are walking you can feel the atmosphere perfectly as you can see everything around you clearly. I walked around about 40 minutes (my other motivation to do this is to do some sports-for the sake of my belly-) You know what, during that time, i experienced five extraordinary events which i won't never predict before.

1. At the DPRD Building, i witnessed a demonstration of a farmer from Kediri. They brought flags and yelled their will in front of police groups. Thankfully the demonstration was running in peace :)

2. I continued my walk and i passed the kindergarten school. There was a playground where the kindergarten girls were playing. I didn't notice them until some of them called me "Ko...ko...ko..." (it's the term of big brother) I turned my head and looked they were laughing.They kept calling me as i continued my little journey. Can you imagine? i am 26 years old, teased by kindergarten girls!

3. I can't believe what i experienced this. After felt little awkward with the kindergarten girls did, a moment later there was a Taxi Driver urinated on the ditch while facing the street!!! I worship GOD coz created my GREAT REFLEX so i didn't see it clearly. I directly threw my sight!!! Gosh!! Couldn't imagine if i didn't do that. I mad of him by the way. Was he insane??

4. While thanking God coz i didn't have to remember the previous event, i found a roadside Pempek Palembang (Name of my fave food) seller. I bought it and ate it as i walked. So delicious!!! Wanna look it again next time :)

5. I almost reached my office! Unbelievable, i walked for 40 minutes in the middle of my office hour (in the breaktime of course). I felt thirsty and bought a bottle of Tebs from a roadside drink seller. So fresh!! I paid him more and refuse to receive the change. He looked me with puzzle face as i left him lol

Well, it's an amazing experience!!! Except number 3 of course. So happy coz i was experiencing it in the middle of my day. Unexpected and unpredicted. Thank you Jesus for this hehehe =)


  1. huaaaaaaaakakakakaka...
    JAK digoda anak-2 kecil...
    wkwkwkwk... mestinya cece2 yang godain yaa...

  2. MksdE ini ta Jak? I don't understand which part yang weird looo.... Cm krasa it's a nice break from a day at work :p

  3. LOL...koko alviiiiiiiinnnnn... (huex)

  4. >Dan Novi - ketawanya kliatan menikmati banget hahaha

    >Feb - LOO? at least, was the number 3 didn't make u weird Feb???

    >Bee - Just "Ko" kan mreka ga tau namanku!! wek :P

  5. cieee jak... teased by kindergarten girls :p
    mungkin u mirip one of their figure idol of their toys :p

    when will it be in jakarta i can find a nice weather to walk in the middle of office hour ?

    but if i found it, i'll post it... i hope it's a better experience than yours, and the number 3 won't happen :p

  6. >Jos - What toys Jos? lol sure u can find it when after the rain, that weather is always nice>>Sure!! post it!! And i pray also that number 3 won't happen to u and to ANYONE :D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^