September 3, 2010

Basic House

It's a Korean Brand of outfit and it already has their store in Jakarta. Like the simplicity and the concept of their promo (especially for the couple T-Shirts)


  1. Is this the girl from Princess Hours? You've known more than well my opinion of Korean teens. But I think I can tolerate this girl :) She's certainly got style in one movie, which I forget the title :p Hehehehe.

  2. i like the girl :)
    @fe: yup i think it's the same girl *iwatchkoreanrevealed* :p

  3. >Feb - Lol I know REALLY WELL!! that's why i'm not expected you will comment in here hehehe...If i'm not mistaken it's "Fair Lady" or "Take Care Of The Young Lady" :)

    >Jos - Sure you like Jos, she is beautiful :D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^