August 23, 2010


When i lost my dad, YOU found me, saved me and be my Daddy. When i need someone to be followed, to teach me character or how to deal with problems, there YOU are. I enjoyed our time together recently, Dad. When i talk to you about my plans, my failure, my success, my concerns, my future, or what i feel. There's nothing i can hide from you. I can be an honest person when i'm with YOU, Daddy. YOU know everything about me and YOU are setting my character right now, just to be like YOU. I like it, Dad. Moreover, who don't want to be a men like YOU? Teach me to be like YOU, Dad. "Like Father Like Son". Thank you for being my greatest Dad, Jesus.


  1. What an attitude, Jak ;) And the picture is fantastic!

  2. >Feb - Thank u Feb and yeah!! i like the picture from the first time i saw it :D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^