August 6, 2010


Since childhood, i get used to collect things. Dragon Ball cards, stamps, coins, and right now, comics. Like the word"collect", it means that we gather things we collect one by one. The sensation when we can add new collection is always excited.

In the journey of faith, there are "things" we can collect also. Right now, i face the impossible situation but i will never give up coz i'm walking with faith. I keep praying while waiting God's best time for my situation. But, when i'm in the process until God answer my prayers, I have to walk in my journey of faith.

I really need God's grace when i'm in a journey of faith. There are many situations that can weaken my faith or tempt me to do wrongs (even sins). How to face those are how we response. When the situation force you to doubt your faith or tempt you to commit sins, you always have a choice to make a response towards it.

What kind of response? The good one i hope.

Last week, i had so many revelations from my daily devotion (too bad i couldn't post them here). One of the point is when we receive Jesus as our God and believe in Him, Jesus will stay inside our heart and because of that we can do all things with Him. Because with Him, all things mean good things.

It is hard to make a good response all the time and we can fail at any time. But God wants us to practice it over and over. He never accused us when we fail coz He loves us. He knows we needs help and practice in this journey of faith.

Right now, with all my success and failure in my journey of faith, i just want to collect the good responses, one by one, day by day...until i see the answer of my prayer.

"THEREFORE, SINCE we are justified through faith, let us have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ."

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