July 9, 2010

thought of the day

From 3:16, The Numbers of Hope - Max Lucado

The latest two days was quite hard to me. I committed sins and the feeling was worse. I knew that's wrong but that time i just couldn't help it. I was frustrated and felt improper in front of God. I knew in that kind of situation, i can run to God, ask for forgiveness and God will definitely forgive me. I prayed to God, told all my weaknesses but then i was still fighting to win it. I felt so improper and disgraceful to God. I kept praying and ask for help to God coz i couldn't help it. God always hears our prayer and He gave me strength to overcome it. Today, i decided to be a winner and look what i found in my email this morning? An article from Max Lucado and the quote (above) spoke to the deepest of my heart. I'm fully restored coz i decided to receive God's love. Thank you for transform me from a loser to a Winner, Jesus =)

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