July 12, 2010

see you soon world cup

good bye stay awake at night till morning
good bye potato chips or whatever snack's brand it is
good bye back sleepy face in the morning
see you soon heartbeat, emotion, and hysteria!!
see you soon...World Cup Brazil 2014

And congratulation for the champion, Spain.
You deserves the glory - from truly Italian fan
ps: we will take that trophy back, sooner or later!


  1. I also gonna miss the WC. Been watching it non-stop with my dad :) Nice times <3

  2. >Luci - It's gonna be a long time to wait World Cup. We still have European Cup two years after. I hope Slovakia will be there, Luci!!

  3. We'll have to wait and see :) I hope my country will be there too ;) hehe.

  4. >Luci - With Marek Hamsik, they will be there =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^