July 1, 2010

like YOU

You are the one who made me
You shaped me and wrote my days
The way i've been through is in your preservation
Your eyes are watching me, Oh Lord

Every incidents in my life happened only by Your permission
It formed my character, the foundation of my life
When the storms come, It stands still
You've known it all from the beginning

I remember that i was angry with You
Coz You made me like this
Why i can't do things like everybody do
Why i can't have the chance, to escape from myself

But now i know
day by day
i know....
that You are weaving me

This moment, i start to see it
that You are making something in me
something good, like You wanted
Good like You

Oh Lord, i won't disgrace You again...
i like the way You form me
i like to be Johan Alvin Khosuma
More and more, teach me to be like You want


  1. blog hopping here... have a great week!!!

    "When I look at you, I see forgiveness, I see the truth.
    You love me for who I am, Like the stars hold the moon
    Right there where they belong and I know, I’m not alone."

  2. Trus opo hubunganE mbek gambarE ya JAK?
    Sometimes I'm quite amazed with your strong conviction. Hahahaha.

  3. >Ailee - hey, i had a great week =D i hope u had a great one also

    >Feb - Lo ya ada to Feb hahaha...the way God weaving me is like He trains me in life. Mmm...this post is my gratitude to God =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^