June 1, 2010

Pocket Review

They are the latest movies i've watched. I wrote my personal simple reviews and put them into a pocket :P (in Indonesia: skalian jadi satu)

1. Edge Of Darkness ***
"the reason why i rent this movie and watched it was i wanted to see Mel Gibson's comeback acting after quite long time. Always like his acting and i still could see his trademark in here. For the movie itself i give it 3 from 5 stars. Similar plot with "Taken" but less action and more conspiracy plot. Good but not great movie"

2. Fantastic Mr Fox ****
"COOL, unusual, smart and COOL!" I read a positive review about this movie and rent it. This is a new experience of watching animation movie. The storytelling, the characters, and the action of the movie is not like the other. I enjoyed it very much! Worth watching" =)

3. Hurt Locker ***
"Here it is, 2010 Oscar Winner Movie, Hurt Locker. Have been postponed so many times before i watched it. This movie is a weight class movie. Could not enjoy it at all and i had to struggle to finish it. BUT, it must be a reason why it won the Oscar. Through this movie, i could see how the soldiers are fighting in the war field. They are real hero and i respect them."

4. Prince Of Persia, The Sand of Time ****
"Pure adventure movie with the quality story. Just watched it yesterday night with friends and i enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. Like it! The setting, plot and visual effect are stunning. I have a reason wht i wrote the first line. Usually the action or blockbuster movie will disappoint us with the bad story. Usually their visual effects are amazing but not the story. Prince of Persia is different. Just enjoy ur adventure in Persian Empire when u watch it. I did it." =)


  1. Everybody has an excellent review of Prince of Persia. What a shock. I thought it would be kinda similar to 300, which sucked to me. Stupid masculine movies :p Hahahahahaha. Thank God it turns to be otherwise!

  2. >Feb - LOL For me 300 is one of the greatest movie ever made lo, Feb :D Maybe it suit more for boys :D Prince of Persia is not the same with 300. It is an adventure movie like Indiana Jones...Adventure with great settings! 300 is an art movie with unbelievable graphic message :)

  3. I also wanna see Price of Persia but it's not here yet so gotta be more patient...*keeps on waiting and waiting* LOL

  4. >Luci - After u watch it, i wanna know ur review..tell me okay?


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^