June 23, 2010

miss them

I never realize how much i miss my nephews until i saw this photo. I saw this photo so long while my eyes was full with tears. My feeling is mixed with happiness and sadness. Because of some situation, they are in other island and it is quite far from here. Almost a year i haven't seen them. I'm glad to see my mom in this photo. She looks happy coz she is surrounded by her beloved grandchildren. Right now, my family has a hard time and i'm so emotionally affected. But i have surrendered my family's situation in God's hand. Nothing i can do as a human to restore this but i believe God can. I believe through prayer and faith, God is working right now to make the impossible become possible. Then in His moment, i will see the happy ending of this situation. This photo just...i don't know what to say guys...this photo just perfect. That's what i feel....

Eugene, Shane and Cliff...i love each of you so much...and i miss to play with all of you like what we did.
Kenzo...I haven't seen you since you were born, but i love you like i love the triplets..i'm ur uncle jak =)
Mom...You have been through so many hard times. I'm so glad to see ur smiling face in that photo...I love you Mom and i believe this situation will have a happy ending to our family.


  1. huaaaaa.. i think i know what u feel vin..
    and thanks for sending me this pic, that makes me learn to be thankful for the little bro, sis, n cousins i have around now.

    btw, kenzo is so cute yaaa... udah gede sekarang...

    pray n wish the best for your big family ya.

  2. >Valen - Thanks for the understanding and the wish Len..Iya i agree with u about Kenzo hehehe...i'm a lucky uncle to have cute nephews =D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^