June 17, 2010

LOVE 1 2 3

When you don't know a person as close as it needs, you will never REALLY can be the real you. It is blocked by your masks...intentionally or unintentionally. You are not pretending but you just haven't found the one who you feel safe with.
You are disclosing the real you to me. I see what they don't see and i know what they don't know. Can be the worst or the best. But hey! that is you.
Number one, it's honesty.

When you can choose anyone in this world who is better or far better than me but you can't. You can't coz you can't take your eyes on me. You can't coz your mind is always comeback to me, over and over. It happens automatically. You can't help it.
I consider i'm lucky and let's keep it like that. I can't ask more than that.
Number two, it's falling in love.

When you will take the biggest decision in your life coz you know you will be with me for the rest of your life. It is gonna be a long journey and there are sacrifice in that. Your heart says it louder than your mind that is your biggest desire to be with me.
Let's being a twins coz i feel the same like you feel. Together, we promise to personify what our heart says.
Number three, it's commitment.

Close your eyes and 1...2...3... just say,"i love you."


  1. Jak, Jak....
    This writing is too full of idealism.
    When you're plunged into it, you'll realize it's not this simple. A million times more complicated than this, instead.
    I just don't think I can get back to being this pure. Hahahaha :D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^