June 26, 2010


The headline "Tutto Nero" means "mourn". Yes, Italy is going home. They even can't make round 16. Yesterday was my gloomy day. I didn't want to read any article about them and i even said that i don't want to watch the rest of this world cup. What i did was 180 degree with four years ago, when they became the number one in the world.

My first reaction: i was upset then blamed them because they played soooo bad as the latest World Cup Champion. And because of that kind of performance, they deserved to not get through into the next round. There were so MANY reasons to blame their failure. Then i decided to read their article in Goal.com and i read huge fans all over the world commented about this. Like me, they are disappointed and wrote every reason to blame the Italian team.

I'm not gonna discuss the reason why they fail in this blog coz it's useless. What i want to share is at the first time i was like the fans who blame and hate their failure but what i felt next was i was so sad. It happened when i went home and saw the photo of the Italian player cried, displayed as a headline in the newspaper. That time, i was sad and regretted coz i blamed them. What the Italian players feel was more than what the fans feel. As a World Champion, it is a huge humiliation for their pride to exit like this.

My friend told me,"why are you so sad like that? it's only football!" or "it's even not your country!" LOL i couldn't explain that but i just feel like that. Somehow i'm so attached with this country. I support them since i was a child. That's why i decided not to be disappointed and blame them again. I believe they will be in the top of the world again (Amen!).

This morning, when i had a conversation with my older sister, she started to talk about this then i replied that i was sad when saw their picture in newspaper.

She said,"you are not only love their football but you really love the country itself"

LOL. That's all the answer of what i felt yesterday. Right now, i decided to keep watching the World Cup and i support England. Why? Coz their coach is Italian :D

You can do it, Fabio Capello!!


  1. I'm so sorry dear *big hugs* I was watching the match and could not believe how well our team played, cause let's be honest, we totally sucked in the previous matches :( Slovakia, an unknown country, won against the champions!!! I am still speechless, but at the same time feeling so proud <3 But I really feel sorry for knowing it was my country who sent our fav team home...:(

  2. >Luci - thank u Luci, please dont =( coz ur country deserves it =) Italy will bounce back by the next one, yey!!!


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