May 26, 2010

IP Man 2

I was longing for the sensation when i watch movie in theater. The thrill and the excitement...i have lost it until yesterday. It is "IP Man 2". The first one is superb and this sequel doesn't loose the touch. I enjoyed every scene of it. The story, the character, the cinematographer and of course the Kung-Fu! Donnie Yen is stunning as he is the main character in this movie who played the real character of legendary Master Ip Man. I was like a child who held lollipop candy and was smiling entire the movie. That's a great experience of me yesterday night.

The morale message in the end of the movie is just make this movie more perfect. That we must honor people around us with trying not to prove who is the best. The point is, the stronger you are, you have to be humble. It is shown perfectly by Master Ip Man (or Donnie Yen).

I desperately want to re-watch it when the DVD or VCD is released.

I rate this movie five star...simply perfect!


  1. I totally agree with you..I love this show so much..And Donnie Yen is just perfect in it..Love Wing Chun style..makes me want to learn some kungfu, haha..

  2. >Olive - Let's make a high five! :D

    ps: true, wing chun style makes me want to learn it!


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^