May 27, 2010

guys, experience these webs...

(just click the image to visit them)


  1. heeyyy... i haven't clicked the pic sih..
    but so farrrr...
    the 2nd pic attracts me mossstt!!!
    *somehow, quite similar with my blog template.. :D :D

    next, the last pic!!!! :D

    will hop to them soon!

  2. Jakkkk!!!! These are Ammaaaaazzzzinnnngggg! Super duper cool! THanks for sharing, yaaah. And of course you would have instantly guessed that my favorite is Miss Dior's site! I heart THousand Sunny! Let's keep the blogging spirit!

  3. >Valen - u better click the pic and experience it..Just look Febe's expression above lol

    >Feb - i know from the beginning that u will like the MISS DIOR one lol Yey!! Viva Blogging :D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^