April 29, 2010

today, i'm not a looser

I lift up my hands to You
Asking for help
I was trying to do this alone
Then i was a looser

Help me
Help me
Help me, God!
I need Your hands!

I don't want to be a looser anymore
I hate it, and You know that
It's a fate for me to be a winner
You had decided it from the beginning

With You, i am more than a winner
and today, i'm not a looser

HAVE a GR8 DAY, guys :D


  1. (✬._.✬)Hello, my blog site had been idled for a couple of months now. And I am sure that I am BACK.
    Care to visit my newest post, THANK YOU!

  2. >Ailee - Hahaha...me too...thousand sunny had been idled too...


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^