April 16, 2010

LINE Interior

Hi guys...it's like a million years i don't do one of my most fave things to do, blogging. No, i'm not that busy but dunno why i don't have an intention (even a little) to bloG. Can anyone give me the reason how could that happen? Forget it if u don't need the reason lol Right now, the main issue is i'm back and i miss blogging :D

This is my latest design project. Me and my partner made an Interior Design Consultant's business ID. We made two final results and what you see in my blog is my version. I don't post my friend's version (let she post in her own blog, lol)

The project took quite long time because of revisions and maybe this is one of my hardest project because this time we must really (i mean really) understand our client's need. But finally it's done and i thanked God for that =)


  1. oh...so this is the work that made u pusyang ;P

    i like it :) looked elegant

  2. >Bee - pusyang...lol Yep! this what i meant to u...Thanks Bee..."Elegant" is the design purpose from beginning =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^