April 16, 2010

House Of Health

Recently, i designed a logo of my church's new social-oriented's service called "Rumah Sehat". It is the Indonesian language for "House Of Health".

The main purpose of "House Of Health" is to give free medical treatment for people who can't afford to do that. Because it's only the beginning and we only have one doctor (Dr. Daniel Christian), "House Of Health" is still operating in a small scale. Anyone can get this service as long as they register and it's for free at all. Beside medical treatment, there's also a team who will pray for them so the patients can receive God's grace also. I can say that this service is a "Body and Soul" treatment. With God's grace, we hope that through "House Of Health" all the patients can be cured not only their body but also their soul.


The logo itself have meanings. I designed the logo as simple as it can so people can easily remember it. The shape is the shape of a house which have cross sign in the middle of it. The cross can be defined by cross (salvation) or medical icon. The green color are often used as a representative of health (in many hospitals) and it is placed in the left side. It means that a patient who enter in the "House Of Health" will get body restoration then after they get through the "cross" they will get soul restoration which is representated by blue color (the sky/heaven color = God's grace). The grey color means neutral. Everyone can come to "House Of Health" if they want.
So that's all the real meaning of the logo. I completely know that the explanation is far from perfect. But after you know the brief profile of "House Of Health", what do you think about the logo? Is it effective or not?

ps: Let's pray so "House Of Health" service can develop well and bless as many people as it can so they will receive God's grace, Amin :)


  1. hi nice work vin...
    so skrg krispen gi bikin Rumah Sehat ini?

  2. >Jos - Thanks Jos...Yes, right now Rumah Sehat is the newest Krispen project to deliver God's grace...please pray for it ya Jos =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^