April 29, 2010

Heart-Sport (Sport Jantung)

Yeah, that's what i felt this early morning when watched Barcelona vs Inter Milan. The game was so thrilling for both sides especially for Inter fan (I'm not an Inter Fan but i support them as Italian Football fan) Inter Milan had to play with 10 men because one of them was red-carded by the referee. That's why, the match was so thrilling coz Barcelona had never stop to attack Inter Milan until very last minutes. The last 1o minutes was the worse coz Barcelona finally scored and they only need one more goal to bury Inter Milan's dream. I pray to God so hard (over and over) so that Inter will go to the final..."Please...please God...give them (Inter players) strength and give the coach a wisdom to win this stage." Then the final whistle was there and Barcelona couldn't add one more goal. Inter Milan go to the final. An Italian club to the final of European Champion's League!!!! Yeyy!!! So excitedddd and happyyyy!!! Hehehee...Hope they can beat Bayen Munchen in final stage (Amen!)
the sweetest thing
After watched Inter's winning, i didn't sleep and i had plenty of time for my devotion. This week, i'm learning from Nehemia's life and i'm blessed. When i prayed, Holy Spirit spoke to me, "if God hear your prayer for Inter Milan's winning (small thing), how can He don't hear your prayers for the greater thing? He is listening your prayers everyday." Then, it was confirmed by the article i read. It's John Mason's quote,"When God is planning to do the sweetest thing, He starts it with impossibility." I smiled and relieved =) Right now, i face the impossibility but i know Jesus is with me and He will transform that impossible thing into the most sweetest things in my life, Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnn =)


  1. huahahaahhaaaa....
    is this you mean by 'the same thing' you experienced today? :D :D :D
    USB and Football Team!
    He really really answer that 'tiny things' we love, vin!
    Bravo Daddy! :D :D

  2. eh btw, i also send my 'version' of little things to warta.. :D and finally, made a new song about it!
    i'll post it soon!! kya kya kya!!! XD

  3. > Valen - Hahaha..iya....Bravo!! Waa..cool Len...in the middle of ur thesis ur enthusiasm to inspire people is never end!


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^