April 24, 2010

foodie book (the EGO)

This have been one of the toughest week for me. All aspects in my life were making a gathering in this week. I was so busy and one week before i had known it. That's why at the beginning of the week, i asked God for a strength so i can get through this tough week. Aaaaand, when u read this post, it means i'm survive! Thanks God =) This is one of the aspects that made me busy, a menu book design project for The Ego Cafe. The deadline of this project was so tight coz they had a grand opening yesterday and i only had two days to finish it. Coz graphic design is my free-lance job, it means that i had to design it at night (outside my office hour). but i enjoyed every moment of it=). This foodie book contains of 10 pages (including cover). To be efficient, i only publish five of them here (and they are my fave).I wish i can get the hard copy coz this project is one of my fave project. The design is simple but what make it wonderful is the food photograph. It helps so much to give this kind of final result. That's what i think, how about u?


  1. HEYYY!!!!! i think this is the BEST NICEST COOLEST and JAK-EST graphic design u've ever done! I love the cover besstt! and the tea page! :DDDD
    SUPER WELL DONE vin!!!!

  2. Hello Jak!
    How are you? I've been MIA [ missing in action ] again. I started to become busy with work and I haven't adjusted yet to my new life. I hope you're doing great and I'm glad that I have a bit of net time today :) ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  3. Whoaaaaa! I LOVE it ♥♥♥ Great job dear :)
    See now you managed to make me crave for food at midnight! :D I should go sleep before I attack our fridge :P

  4. >Valen - HEYYY!!!! Thank u for the spectacular feedback, Len...hehehe...thank u so much..hope people will like the menu as u do also =)

    >Russ - Russ!!!! Finally!! Congratulatuion for ur new job!!! happy for you =) Me too...i've been MIA for a while also..Hey, wish u ton of luck for ur new adventure!

    >Luci - Thank u Luci!!! Hehehee...i also felt the same when designed this menu...like wanted to eat that photograph LOL and it happened in the middle of night also!


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^