April 26, 2010

Browsing From Weekend III

See this photo a little longer then u will laugh a little longer lol
that twins must be so afraid to their "smiling" big bro :D

Oh yeah!!! A great campaign for the sleepers :D
anyway, where's the place to buy that alarm?

One (or two?) of my blogger friends must be hysterical
when see this stuffs

The most wanted pills on earth!

This is how it works...Sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful =)


  1. 1st: somehow, i directly remember ur triplets nephew, vin! specially the bowl haircut!

    2nd: i also have this pic, fro visualize!!

    3rd: i waaanntttt that DAW pillow!!!! eh btw... my little cousin has just broken the 'birthday moustache' glass from u n be.. :'( so sad.. but i try to be patient... sorry guyssss

    4th: glek glek glek.. wanna try !

  2. Love the pills photo. Those are indeed the most wanted ones :) and the last photo is soooo cute! <3

  3. >Valen - Waaa....it's a miss that it had broken...

    >Luci - Hahaha...yes, the best for the last :D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^