March 15, 2010

Carnevale di Venezia

After Praha, now let's go to one of my fave country's city, Venezia. Mmm..i guess all of u have seen how the city is. It's all about water. Oh no no no...not only water but also Masks!!! Just found these beautiful photos about "Carnevale di Venezia" on flickr this morning and want to post it =) When saw these, i remember one of the adventure's in One Piece manga. Once upon a time, Luffy and his crew went to the city of water called "Water Seven". That place is inspired by the city of Venezia including the mask festival. I like both of Venezia in real world and Venezia (Water Seven) in One Piece world.If u want to know more about Carnevale di Venezia, go here


  1. heng.. sepintas sungguhan tadi takpikir aku lagi di blog e Fe.. dan merasa..
    'dengaren Fe posting fashion2 yang colourful' dan baru sadar setelah scroll down..
    ada one piece...
    nice city vin!
    Venezia is vintage-ly sexy city! or town? :p

  2. >Velen - Hahaha...kok isa lo....masa header Thousand Sunny sek kurang catchy? Hehehehe...blogny Fe emang udah trademark sama fashion ya sampe efeknya kayak gini mbe kamu Len :D

  3. always love Venetian..every year they hold a "masks party". and the masks are elaborately and beautifully made. wish i could go there when it's being held :D

  4. >Bee - I thought the mask will terrify you, Bee hehehe...Agree, even it's quite spooky but it's beautiful, one of the art representative. And i "AMEENN!!" for ur wish =D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^