February 23, 2010

Fun Friday!!

This friday is a holiday (yey!!!) My cell group plan to have a little adventure to our City Monument and Museum (image above) Beside that, we will have a "Culinary Tour" at Kepanjen - a place where many delicious food gathered :P Hope this will be a fun day and it can make our fellowship stronger. Cant wait for the Day!!!


  1. Ya ammppyyon, kalian ini kok cute banget si....

  2. arggghhhh... mau.... ikutttttt.... :)

  3. jaaaaaaakkkk, sapa aj yg mw ikot akhire? dah ada yg confirm?

  4. >Feb - Too bad u cant join us Feb...maybe next time, ok?

    >Jos - AYO Jos!!!!!!! Come back here and u can join lol

    >Bee - Belum ada yang confirm Bee.....Hopefully all of them can join this "wonderful will be" trip =)

  5. OSH!!!
    saya confirm loh sama adik saya tercinta!
    jess masih dalam tahap negosiasii
    margareth bisa khaan?

  6. >Valen - Felix lo sampe sekarang belum kasi aku OSH...Kata Bee, Greta bisa...Fendra juga bisa tapi nyusul =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^