February 22, 2010

Browsing From Weekend

Have been so busy lately and i miss to blog so bad. I feel like "guilty" to let thousand sunny abandoned and haven't visited your blogs yet (lol) Last saturday, when i finished my deadline, i happened to browse some site(s), tumblr(s), or blog(s) to refresh my mind then i found some fun things. They are funny, sweet, fresh and made me smile. I want to share with you, guys...Hope it works for you too =)
This type of alarm clock definitely will wake you up :D



1, 2, 3!! Got you!!

This woman is so cool!! And this is really happen in real world! Wow!!

The author of this piece must have a long life :P

Slave, King and God...cool quote!


  1. wow... cool postings!!! love it...
    haha.. yg alarm... 'alarming' banget tuh yoo
    haha yg cewe or cowo cari pasangan di iklan... cool... haha ^^

  2. lol....i think i'm going to need that kind of alarm

  3. >Jos - Thanks Jos...this is my first post after one week absence :P For the newspaper advertisement, it is so cool rite?

    >Bee - LOL then u need lots of band aid :D

  4. Marvelous finds Jak!!!! Smart turns out to be so useful ya :)

  5. >Feb - Unfortunately, i found all of these while im waiting the DVD burning in the office :D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^