January 6, 2010

tomorrow, i promise!

Not web's version! Not magazine's version! Not any media's versions!!!
It's jak's version!!!

i will write the post tonight and all of you can read it tomorrow lol :D


  1. @jak: wah kta ga isa ntn barenk donk???
    (btw i started to call in ur nickname, people in bloggin' world usually do that, don't they? :p)
    but i will update the review first :p
    in jakarta will run the movie first right? :p

  2. yhaa.. top 10 film e gt2 semua ya vin.. g ada yg drama2 an gitu? hahahaha

  3. great photoshopper.. ;)
    i like ur version of advertising.

    and thank u so much for all ur lovely cmnts! <33

    xxx, T.Linh

  4. >Jos - Hahaha...i dont know if people in blogging world doing that..enjoy the updates and ya ya ya...u tried to make we in Surabaya envy about that...okay, u succeed! i still remember what happen with Star Trek last year...We envy you, Jakarta!!!

    >Valen - Iyaaa hahahaa...soalnya itu film2 top yang wajib nonton :D mungkin kapan2 aku post yang "top ten drama" aja okay?

    >T.Linh - Now i know ur name :D and thanks...hahaha...i prefer call it tricky teaser :D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^