January 11, 2010

House H

House H designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects in Tokyo. The house is an “experiment to find a balance between volumes, spaces and light”. Genius!!

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  1. white...everywhere is white!!!! simple but beautiful :)

  2. too plain... :)
    just like sick people or in a hospital -.-
    life less colorful ^^
    but nice architecture !

  3. > Bee - yessssssss...white is my fave color :)

    > Jos - It means im sick people ya? (T__T) lol i like white and for me it's genius architecture! :D

  4. aduhhh kerennyaaaaa :)
    space kecil isa jadi super keren ginii!!!!!

    kayu2 yg warna khaki itu inspiratif sekali ya....
    hahaha.. tp kalo buat aku, putih2 kyk gini sebentar isa jadi abu2, lama2 jadi item.. :D

  5. hahaha ya, buat org yg as healthy as a horse kaya km mmg g blh putih... item aj skalian, len hihihi ;)

  6. buakkakakakakak... kamu ya baca komen dari Fe ya...
    aku sampek kaget diberi istilah gt sama Fe yang notabene belum perna ketemu aku.... :D :D

  7. jak: ouw you like white... ehm more to pure and holy d for you :p ^^

  8. >Valen - Hahahaa...when i read ur comments suddenly i remember ur Vaio Notebook :D

    >Bee - "as healthy as horse" is really a phrase lol cocok soro mbe Valen :D

    >Jos - Yes..white...and red...and sky blue and...Hahaha...particularly, i like white..that's why u see thousand sunny layout like this =)

  9. Did I say something wrong? "As healthy as a horse" means nothing bad lo in English. It's an expression of how someone's in very good health :)

    I love white, Jak. But don't like it to be used this way. The house gives the feeling of "too perfect", "too hygienic ". Kaya ga ada ruang buat make mistake gitu lo... Ga warm kesanE :p

  10. fe, kl km uda ketemu valen km bakal tw apa yg kumaksud hehehe itu ungkapan yang, kaya kata jak, cuocok soro ma valen. u gotta meet her soon :D

  11. >Feb - U didnt sat wrong at all but brilliant phrase lol...we all know what it means and that's wht it's matched! Valen indeed in very good health :D "too perfect" and "too hygienic"...maybe u are right, i have to re-consider if i want to paint the whole house like that :D

    >Bee - LOL iya, meet her, see her, know her then u'll know what we are really talking :D

  12. hahahaha... baru tau ada banyak komen membahas 'healthy as a horse'
    @Fe: no no no.. nothing wrong with your phrase.. :D I just realize how suitable that phrase with myself.. hahahaha XD
    and it is said from someone who haven't met me in the real world..

    @all: thanks!!!!
    @alvin: yea.. poor vaio... wakakakkaka....

  13. >Valen - Iya...bisa2 jadi trademark mu Len, cool!!!


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^