January 21, 2010

do you see what i see?

This is the latest one. *sigh* These Alice In Wonderland promos never fail to amazed me. If their promo images are that wonderful, how the movie will like? just can't wait to experience it....


  1. colorful fantasy! although for me it's a little bit weird kind of movie, but that's just a presumption.

  2. I wonder what promotional stuff they'll have. I won't miss this movie :)

  3. i'll never miss disney movies:) esp this genre

  4. I'm not into the movie, Jak. It's a bit scary for me. But I'm loving the movie poster!

    Hate 3D though, it makes me dizzy.

  5. >Aris - Tim Burton's movies are always looks weird (read: amazing!) but it depend to our own taste

    >Russ - U should not miss this Russ :D

    >Bee - Oooooooyaaaa? why's that? lol

    >Olive - Me too!!!!

    >Feb - Scare of Johnny Depp ya? Hahahaa...i havent watched the 3D!!!! i predict i will watch this movie in 3D...

  6. aku nunggu ada yg ajak ntn di jkt :p

  7. >Jos - Jangan nunggu Jos, kamu yang ajak dong Jos!!


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^