December 14, 2009

Not Only But Also

Pray is...
Not only, “God, i need Your grace to make my life great”
But also, “God, I need Your grace so my families and my friends will have a great life”

Pray is...
Not only, “God, please bless my business, my health, and my life”
But also, “God, please bless my city, my nation and people who haven’t known Your love”

Pray is...
Not only, “God, today is December 21st. It’s my birthday, wish me a great life, please...”
But also,”God, today is December 25th, Happy Birthday to Youuu!!!”

Pray is
Not only, “God, I have a bad day today…”
But also, “Good morning God!! How are You?”

Pray is...
Not Only, “God, I want this and I want that..”
But also, ”God, what do You want from me?”

Pray is...
Not only, “help meee!!! Please!!!”
But also, “Hi God! What are You doing? I miss You..”

Pray is...
Not only, "God, why these all happen to me?"
But also, "God, what is Your plan with this situation?"

Pray is non-stop conversation with God…
Why non-stop?
Coz God is always around you =)

ps: Got this inspiration when read 1 Timothy 2:7 this morning. Keep praying guys =)


  1. Another inspiring piece from you Jak...
    Though I'm a bit late in reading it, but thanks. It lightens up my day.

    My best wishes for everything you have for 2010 ya Jak... Really happy for you :)

  2. i like this post.. very spiritual!!

  3. Thanks for this one Jak.
    It's important that when we pray, it's always about ourselves. This post is a good reminder.

  4. >Feb - Amen Feb..the same wishes is for u also..2010 will be gr8!!!!

    >Ailee - Thanks Ailee, i will try to post this label more often but it depends to the wisdom God gives me =)

    >Russ - u r welcome Russ. This post is a reminder for me also =)

  5. thanks for this post :)
    after the hurricane of school Christmas preparation, eventually i hv time to read it :)
    and it talks to me :)

  6. >Bee - hurricane? lol :D u r welcome, twelve =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^