December 7, 2009


I’m a rookie football player. And today is my first debut in a professional match. This is my first match in front of thousand spectators in this stadium. Their yelling make an unbelievable sound that makes my feet shaking.

“Calm down, calm down…just do like what I did in practice and I will do great. I’m a talented player. That’s why coach puts me here. He knows I’m talented. Calm down…Calm down…”

The referee blows the whistle and the first match in my life begins.

I have to do great to make coach impressed and put me again in the other match. I am a striker and I have to make goal. That’s my job and with my talent, I will make it in this match.

The match has already passed 30 minutes. This is the real match, not the exercise. I can’t match them. They are so strong. Every move I made is blocked away by the enemy defenders. I almost lost my breath. Now I know, this is a professional match.

Then, the ball is given to me…

My teammates set up a brilliant pass to me and I’m in the good position to make a goal. Only a goalkeeper in front of me. I can’t believe this golden chance comes to me.

I will make a goal!

I shoot but I shoot the wind.
One defender was sliding the ball away before I shot it.
I’m too slow. And the golden chance is flying away.

The half time whistle is blown and it can be my last chance in this match.

I fail.

And coach will substitute me with other player. I did a terrible match. I can’t make a single good move and throw away the golden chance to make a goal. Coach must be very disappointed because of me.

In the dressing room, I sit with a bow down head. Whatever coach will say to me I will receive it. I deserve that coz I fail. I was too arrogant, thinking that I would do great coz I have talents. Then, coach sits in front of me. I lift my head to him and the first thing I see is one can of pocari sweat.

“Drink it”

I drink it, still try not to look my coach’s face. I have no guts to see his disappointed face.

“You know why I chose u as a striker in this important match?”

“Mmm...because I’m talented, that’s what I thought but I was wrong…I fail u, coach”

Now, I'm looking his face and I'm not looking the face that I thought before. He sees me into my eyes .

“I chose u because I trust u”

“But..i can’t match them, I’m too slow, too weak, and too…”

“That’s what u think…do as what u did in the practice”

“I have, but I fail.”

“I give u another chance…if u fail again, I will give you the other one…”

“Why are u doing this, coach?”

“Because I trust u”

I answer nothing. He keeps seeing me straight into my eyes while he said that word.

“Now, stand up. The second half is about to start. Go and make goals!!!”

“Thanks coach”


  1. That's what a coach does :D He's set an example for us so that we can coach others too

  2. agree with bee :)

    Btw, is it a part of a story or what?

  3. >Bee - what i mean coach in this post is Jesus. And He have done it (set an example) to us =)

    >Olive - I write this story from what i experienced yesterday on Church service =)

  4. Another beautiful and inspiring post from you. I look forward to the next one.Ü

    Re the comment you left in my blog:
    Thanks Jak.Ü I've been practicing that one. I guess you'll see more of it and eventually get tired of it. The comic-thing is very convenient if you want your photos with captions. If you have some tips for me, I'll be a very eager student.

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  6. thanks for following my blog and i already added your blog on my blog roll!!! care to do the same??? thanks... looking forward to have more chats with you!!!

  7. >Russ - Thanks Russ...and im the one who supposed to be ur student =)

    >Ailee - Welcome to thousand sunny :D


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