November 13, 2009


I have many dreams. One of them is traveling to many places (especially Europe!). One of the city in Europe where i desperately want to visit is Praha (or Prague). I know about Praha only from pictures, movies or articles and i have no idea why i really admire this city. One thing for sure, someday i will go there (amiiin!) and i will post the photos that i captured by myself in thousand sunny (amiiin again! lol). While waiting it happens, i post the photos of Praha, captured by Glynnis Ritchie, enjoy Praha =)Library at Strahov Monastery i bet one of my friend, who will see this photo, will shout with huge enthusiastic "I want to go thereee toooo!!!" She's crazy about book (lol) -her blog initial is "B"-

Pocket Watch Store "It will be great to have this stuff. Years ago, one of my friend had given a mini pocket watch but it's already broken. I will buy one when i visit there =)

A View From Clock Tower One of the reason why i love Praha is it's streets, where we can eat in the outdoor cafe while enjoying the atmosphere of the street.

The Churches definitely places to go...i guess u will feel God's presence there just only by seeing it's unbelievable interior (lol, just kidding). Cant imagine if i were there...i will ask anyone to tweak my ear to make sure that im not dreaming at that time.

*All the photos is respectly belongs to Glynnis Ritchie. See her other amazing photos in here


  1. i juz knew that prague is a beautiful city :) i wish i could go there also, first destination will be the library :) so bee

  2. HUaaaahh..cantiknyaa..
    My biggest dream is also to travel around Europe and to see all those classic mysterious places..Such a beauty,aren't they!
    Thanks for sharing, u make me feel more encourage to pursue this dream.haha..

  3. Oooh! Majestic :)
    Europe is really a beautiful place to see... there's a lot of historical sites that one can visit + awesome architecture almost where ever you go + delectable dishes.

  4. kyaaaa ak jg sukak soro Praha.... :)
    dan eropa bagian timur2 sini...
    kota seksi2 yg klasik dan tua..
    :) :)

  5. >Bee - "the first destination will be the library" See? what i wrote above...ha3

    >Olive - Yes live, they are unbelievable!! Go go go...the dream is upon it, pursue it and take it =)

    >Russ - 120% agree!!!!!

    >Valen - Kayaknya yang di Eropa bagian timur yang apik cuma Praha, Bucharest (Rumania), Sofia (Bulgaria)dan mungkin Liev (Ukraina) yang laine mungkin masi daerah perang loll

  6. Must come see me if u happen to go there :)
    Or let me know before u go there and i come meet you there,okie okie? ;)

  7. >LingLing - U live in Slovakia rite? is it near from Praha?? Okie okie..i will let u know if i happen to go there...Yey!!! glad that i've found a tour guide =D

  8. Yes i live in Slovakia,which is the neighbour of Czech Republic :) That means it's close to Praha. About 7hrs by train from my hometown and 4hrs by train away from the city i study at :)

    Never really been there but some friends of mine live there and also some family members :)

  9. >LingLing - I know Slovakia is the neighbour of Czech Rep lol but it's quite far ya? i mean 7 hrs by train...Yeah, hopefully i happen to go there someday, thank u Ling =)

  10. Not really long for me,thinking i have to travel 5hrs from my hometown to the city where i study :D

    Ur welcome :)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^