November 20, 2009

i love this job!

Just finished my latest design project -and got the money too- LOL. It was a poster design project for the EGO cafe at Malang City. Really enjoyed doing this project. Why? Coz the client said to me,"Make for me 4 posters of your own, the concept is up to you!!" Hey, this is a rare opportunity! i could make the design of my own and i got paid!! i had a lot of fun with this project and when i gave it to the Client, he accepted without ask for revisions. I love this job :D
I want to see these posters in printed version in that Cafe but it means i have to go to Malang City. Maybe one day, i'll go there and take a picture of it. Guys, what do u think about these four? my fave is the third one, which one is ur fave?


  1. aku udah feeling kalo kamu suka yang ke 3.. ahahaha.. i like the third and fourth.. di Malang mana cafenya? ayo kapan kamu mo traktir aku, kan kamu udah di bayar sama yg pny cafe.... ^^

  2. I like all!! great job Jak.. but my favourite will be the second one :)

  3. i like the 1st and of course the green 2nd one!
    ayo ayo ntar kalo ak k sana aku foto lagi sama posternya!!!!

  4. >Levina - Ha3 jelas feelingmu bener, km kan tau selera desainku. Di jalan Letjen S Parman no 96..nanti kalo km ke sana aja minta ditraktir sama yang punya, itu lo temene Anton, anaknya Om Nardi.

    >Olive - Really? all? Live, thank u!!!!

    >Bee - Yeah, u like the quote and the glasses above kan? :D

    >Valen - Sure, u always like the green one :D Iya2 sungguan ya, kalo ke sana fotoin Len, thanks!!!

  5. I love them! Keep it up Jak.
    The second image is my favorite :)

  6. >Russ - Thanks Russ...will keep it up up and up :D

  7. great, 2 week before i come back to malang from bogor...
    and i loook open ceremony of ego eat and cafe,it's briliand idea...
    before, i like looking a nice cafe and just coffe break with my friend and like entertainment or advertising but i look the ego it's defferent more spirit...
    i give you all the best of the best of your design at EGO...
    yesterday, i send my resume to EGO and today the manager call me for interview but my position at surabaya cz any workshop aat hotel....
    maybe monday i will come to ego and meet the manager and get interview if i cant...
    i hope....
    last, u are the best advertiser and your masterpiece for EGO creative design...


  8. >Awan - Hai Awan! Thanks for ur kind comment =) i wish you all the best for the interview, Amen!! i will visit The Ego when i go to Malang


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^