October 23, 2009

river of grace

There’s a place, where we regularly to meet…and talk. Sit side by side in the smooth grass.

That morning, we were sitting and staring the river in front of us. Then, God asked me to get closer to the river. The water in the river is lucid. It reflects the sunshine and creating a crystallized effect

So beautiful…

I put my hand into the water and feel the freshness of the water. God said, “My grace is like the river”

I didn’t understand what He meant

After said that, He asked me to go back to the place where we were sitting

“How did you feel when your hand touched the water in the river?” He asked

“The water is so fresh, Father. I feel like I want to drink it and if necessary I want to swim there, even You know that I can’t swim.”

He smiled. “You know, my grace to you is like the river. I’m like the river.”

“Huh?” I still didn’t get it

“When you close to Me, you will automatically can enjoy and feel My grace like when u put ur hand and feel the freshness of the water in the river. U can even drink that if u want it. Like the water freshened every cell of ur skin, my grace will freshen every part of your heart and soul everyday…Only if u…

“only if I close to You” I completed His words

He saw my hand. “Now, look at your hand. Can u still fill the freshness of the water u have touched a moment ago?”

“No, Father…my hand is not wet anymore. It has already dried. ”

“So, what do you learn from our wonderful meeting this morning?”

I answered significantly, “Always stay close to the river!”
(friday morning - October, 16th 2009)


  1. what a fresh turqoise moment! really nice vin!!!!

  2. hahaha...what J asked was what i usually ask to my students (So, what do u learn today?).
    nice pictures, so serene.. and as i told u before, i always enjoy reading ur writing:)

  3. >Valen - thanks and yes, i changed the colour into turqoise too and i like it too!!

    >Ce Deb - Really? hahaha...'serene' would be the perfect word to describe these images and that's exactly what i felt that time...serene.. =)

  4. Always stay close to the river!

    >_< ak minggu ya masuk..ada kelas...
    bbrp kali ga sempet ke gereja..
    this is really a reminder from HIM...
    how could i survive here without staying close to HIS river..

    thank u for posting :')

  5. >Aileen - Hope u will figure the schedule well Leen =) But God is around u...u can easily find Him everyday, every time when u miss Him. Staying close and staying survive ya =D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^