October 21, 2009

One Evening With Kho Family

My big bro just came to this city three days ago and he is staying at home for one week (yey!!) It's quite a long time we can't see him. Yesterday, me with my sis and bro went to Sutos to have a great time. It's really a scarce opportunity to go out with the complete squad =)
After have a flash dinner in Izzi, we watched "A Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs". Tha movie is so good, not quite funny but still good (i suggest that u eat first before u see this movie lol). I really enjoy yesterday night with my siblings =)


  1. hey, ur nieces didnt join? so, it was only the three of u? Wow, that's great!! :)

  2. Aww. That's sweet, you guys still get together even if you're grown-ups now. I always wanted to have a bigger family. We're only two siblings, my younger brother & I.

  3. vin... aura mu mbe ko allen le di foto mirip ya... mana sama2 kacamata en tebel gt... wakakakak... untung ada ccmu sebagai 'pemanis'nya..

  4. >Ce Deb - Nieces who? u mean my nephews (the triplets)? Yes, only the 3 of us =)

    >Russ - Yes Russ, like i said..this is a scarce opportunity. You have a bigger family rite? it is a "blogger family" lol

    >Valen - Hahahaa..i take that as a compliment, Len :P

    ps: kacamataku keliatan tebel emang karena frame-nya model gitu, mestinya ngga tebel2 amat la ha3

  5. yeah i made a mistake...nephews..


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^