October 9, 2009

Emergency Call

when u are alone
call ME…
I will be by ur side

when u need someone to listen
call ME…
I will lock my mouth and listen to u

when you are boring
call ME…
I have several things to amuse u

when your house are burnt
call ME…
and I will tell u,”Why don’t u call firefighter instead of me?”

lol, just kiddin’

when you are lost
call ME…
I will check the map for u and show u the way

when u are broken hearted
call ME…
I will help u to gather a piece by a piece from your shattered heart

when ur worst memories in the past haunt u
call ME…
I will change it with new sweet memories in this present and future

when u had a nightmare
call ME…
I will tell u that it was only a nightmare

and u will be okay

call ME…
u’ve already had MY number

or maybe u can call MY personal assistant
his service maybe not as perfect as MINE
but, I know he will try his best

write his number to ur note
and just make the call whenever u need it =)

*clue* 1=A; 2=B; 3=C; 4=D and so on...


  1. jak...what numbers are those?
    This post is so sweet hehe get ready to get a bunch of calls from your friends ;)

  2. >All - *clue* 1=A; 2=B; 3=C; 4=D and so on...

  3. yeah, i just realized it hehe

  4. so if bee is 12, now you are 10.1.11, and felix is 1,2,3 (the number of his pose) :p

  5. I already know the answers.Ü
    Do I post it? Got a feeling it might be a spoiler to your other readers. Another nice entry from you Jak. Have a good weekend!

  6. >Valen - Ha3 yeah...it can be like that

    >Russ - Sure u can post it! Thank u Russ, have a nice weekend to =)

  7. I broke the code already, it's JESUS and JAK.
    Cool riddle, and excellent writing.
    You're getting better and better at this, you know!
    Above all, the inspiration itself.
    He's magnificently wonderful!!!

  8. >Feb - BINGO!!! Ha3 it's an easy riddle...Thanks Feb and yes, Jesus is magnificently wonderful!!!


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^