August 7, 2009

A Tale about the Key Maker

Once upon a time, there was a genius Key Maker. He could make all kind of keys that could open all kind of doors. Because of his special ability, many people came to him and asked him to make kind of keys for them.

One time, the King and his guards came to Key Maker’s house.

“What can I do your highness?” asked the Key Maker politely

The King answered, “I want to have a key that can open the door of prosperity. Can you make it for me?”

“Sure!” smiled the Key Maker.

Few hours later, the King and his guards came out from the house. The King laughed loudly because his hand held the key that can open the door of prosperity.

Then, came a Lady…

“Hi, I’ m a singer…can u make a key to open the door of famous for me?”

Once again, the Key Maker smiled, ”Sure, my lady…”

So on and so on. People kept visiting the Key Maker’s house and the Key Maker always made their request keys successfully. The Key Maker made keys to open the door of happiness, the door of success, the door of healthiness, etc. Guess what? The Key Maker became so rich and famous.

With his success, the Key Maker could do anything he wanted to do until one day a child came to his house.

“My mother just died this morning. Can you make a key to open the door of salvation?”

Like usual, The Key Maker smiled, “sure!”

Day passed days, month passed months, and year passed years the Key Maker locked himself in his lab for making that salvation key. He used all of his keymaking skills but it always ended with failure. One time, the Key Maker realized that he can’t make that key and decided to give up. After apologized to the child, the Key Maker saw all of his prosperity and started to think about his life. Where is his destiny when he dies? Can he open the door of salvation? How can he make the key? Or because he can’t make it, how much can he buy the salvation key? Who does sell that key? And Where?

In his whole life, the Key Maker never found the answer. His prosperity and famous went to waste when he passed away.
In our daily life, there are many Key Makers around us. When they asked you about the key that can open the door of salvation, will you answer them that Jesus is the key? And when they asked how much they can pay for the key, will you answer them that the key is free because He has already paid the key with His crucify? Will you?


  1. Cannot agree more with your post, Jak...
    During our life journey, again and again we tripped over the same thing.
    Chasing what we thought we wanted and finally realizing those were not what we trully needed.
    Just like Coldplay's songs ;p

    But until now, I've not figured out what is it that I really need. Still find myself wasting time to get what I want (which is probably not worth it...) :p

    Learning, learning.... Striving to be a better me. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I have, I am, and I will =)

    I like the way u wrote it, as u said it's in tale format... may I use it for my teaching the kidz?

  3. i love the way you use that story to remind us what is the most important thing in life ♥

    yes i will :) i want everyone to enter that door too!
    coz that's where the real happiness exists.

  4. >Valen - good =)

    >Febe - Feb, i've just known that "cannot agree more" is an expression that mean "u fully agree" thanks to you my english up to next level lol and you're welcome =)

    >Ce Deb - are u kidding? u have to treat me La Rucolla then u can use that course u can use it, sis..and i'm glad with that.

    >Aileen - Thank you first, i want to make in poem format but i couldn't figure it out hahahaa...and i agree with ur last statement =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^