August 31, 2009


Yesterday, i accompanied a friend to TP and i watched this "stuff-that-i-should-not-see" in Hobby Station. Yes, this thousand sunny ship is soooooo cool!! But the price is not cool at all (T__T). I've been thinking ("should i buy this -too cool- stuff?") but the other voice said ("Don't do that, jak...u will regret like when you bought Star Wars figure 12 years ago"). Oh no..oh no...OH NO!!! what should i do? (stupid jak, lol)
"The entire Straw Hat Pirates crew and their ship Thousand Sunny sail into fans' collections in this cool trading figure offering that features five fun blocks that can be combined into one huge model of the adventure-bound pirate ship! It is really great."
"The five blocks with mini pirate crew figures include Luffy & bow block, Chopper & medical office block, Zoro & Sanji & restaurant block, Usopp & Franky & workshop block, and Nami & Robin & aquarium lounge block, Brooks not included yet. The meassure of thousand sunny is 25cm tall by 24cm long. Each box of 10 consists of two of each block, so you get to build two awesome Thousand Sunny ships!"


  1. ealah.. thousand sunny itu km ambil dari nama kapal e one piece ta? huahahahahah....
    keren kerennnnnn......
    dicicil ae vin beli e.. hehehe

  2. hehehehehe...kebutuhan atw keinginan y?
    kaya aku ma eskrim dan buku, totally keinginan :p

  3. i think u should buy it!!!

  4. > Valen - Iya, thousand sunny itu nama kapalnya Luffy =). Figure-nya emang kerennn...

    >Ce Deb - 100% keinginan!!!

    >Andre - yes, i think so...but i prefer to buy another stuff =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^