July 31, 2009

St David's ID

This morning, this cool image stole my sight. Lately I really like anything about graphic design and i'm still learning it till now. While learning, I'm working freelance to provide design service too. The last freelance project I made is a shipping company identity (logo, letter head, business card, ect). I like to browse all the time to feed my mind with creative and conceptual design refference. And i found this cool St David's ID in logodesignlove (so cool, so I decided to re-post it here lol). This ID is designed by London-based agency Johnson Banks. St David’s is a shopping center located in the heart of the Welsh capital, Cardiff.
“The overall identity is based on the thought that hundreds of thousands of people will gather and use the new centre as their meeting-place, and our ‘people’ diagrams swiftly became the beginnings of the entire scheme.” (Johnson Banks website)
Designing a logo or an identity is not easy. It takes time to do research about the client and their target market. It makes a great design and identity. That's what i learn from this post. And one thing for sure, i have to learn MORE.


  1. Amazing, Jak!
    Ur blog is officially my source of design inspiration...

  2. should I celebrate it? Hehehee

  3. agree with feb :D

    btw jak...
    rasanya itu satu seri ama logodesignlove mu :)
    koleksi packaging disana SUPERB!

  4. >Aileen..iya ya...layoutnya hampir sama..Yang logodesignlove itu punyanya David Airey..Mungkin yang ini juga...Aku udah liat, kerennn...thanks for the link :)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^