January 24, 2009


That noon, I experienced the most terrifying incident in my life
An incident that must be beyond my strength
An incident that could change my whole life and my family’s
I never ever imagine that incident would happen

I have a gorgeous 3 years old nephew, named Eugene Emmanuel
His smiling face always shining, likes the sun was shining in that noon
He is always calling my name when he comes to my house
He is always hugging me tightly when he goes home

That noon, 12.15 pm
He hugged me to say goodbye when his father picked him
“Daddy…daddy…” his father put him inside the back seat of the car
I stayed in my room, watched his smiling face from the window

Eugene is an active kid who likes running
When his father put his twin brother to the front seat
He opened the car door and ran to the middle of the street
While the red Suzuki Katana passed with the high speed

“Oh my God!” I wanted to scream but I couldn’t
All I could see was his father screamed and ran to save his child
My sister and my mother screamed dreadfully
Everyone in that house thought it was too late

I would blamed myself in my entire life for being inside the room
In the glance of second, I feel powerless to do something
“Please Jesus, save him…save my nephew Eugene!”
All I could do was only asking His grace

From the window, I saw his father returned from the street.
He got Eugene in his hand
I saw his pale face as pale as my mother’s and my sister’s
I ran outside my house to see my lovely Eugene

Thanks Jesus for saving my nephew’s life
I don’t know how and I don’t want to know
I don’t want to think it, ever
Because I can’t loss him, my family can’t loss him

Things happens beyond our strength
Things happens beyond our hope
Things happens beyond our control

In that circumstances,
I am just a weak human with a limited power
Thanks Jesus, I have You in my life
A God who has an unlimited power


  1. Hhhhh...akhirnya epidemi writer's block menghilang dariku :) n aku bisa nulis lagi...

    Post kali ini berdasarkan kisah nyata yang terjadi minggu lalu...

    Tapi karena kesibukan yang 'GILA' di kantor, jadi baru skarang aku post.

  2. woww....kapan kejadiane, jak?
    puji Tuhan ono malaikat pelindung'e itu hehe

    (9:50pm January 24)

  3. waoww.... such an amazing grace and a beautiful testimony... thanks for sharing :)

    yapa kabare jak?

    (10:53pm January 24)

  4. incident apa jak? ak jd penasaran..

    merinding aku bacae.. hahaha

    (9:09am January 25)

  5. wow... thanks God ya Jak, he's all right.

    (12:41pm January 25)

  6. jak....kok ak ga bisa baca postnya ya :((...
    besok takesini lagi deh :)

  7. in a bad time, in a good time..
    God is GooD all The Times..
    Numero Uno..
    Nomer Satu "SANG MESIAS"!
    Mucas Grazias, Jesus!

  8. udah bisa jak :)

    mmm...A really beautiful sharing about Our Powerful God....

    eugene itu disayang soro ama Tuhan ya..
    dilindungi dr bahaya....punya keluarga yang sayang ama dia...:)

    laen kali post fotonya eugene ya..hehe

  9. So sorry karna ada gangguan teknis tulisane ga kebaca (HTML crash) skalian saran supaya ati2 waktu copy paste dari word ke blog langsung karena sistemnya bisa crash. Kalo copy paste dr notepad aman :)

    To: All
    Thank you ya :)

    To: Aileen
    Ok, lain kali foto nya Eugene n Cliff n Shane :) tapi post nya yang nggak mengerikan kayak pengalaman barusan.

  10. eugene.. my fav.boy among the triplets. Emang yang paling aktif (bukan nakal) sih. Horrible story.. but proving that HE take over our limited power.

  11. Yeah, i hope this kind of story never happen again in my life, but who knows? anything can happen at anytime but we have God who always never leave us :)

  12. Luckily nothing happen what2 to your cousin..

    numpang mampir, post baru kalo sempat dong JAK :D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^